Cuta Copter EX-1 13″ Propellers


Set of 2

Designed for the Cuta-Copter EX1 4S and 6S models, these high-quality Carbon Fibre 13” propellers feature an extremely aggressive design that clearly signifies that they are for serious use. – Beast Mode Enabled!

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Designed for the Cuta Copter EX-1 4S and 6S to handle wind speeds of 39kph and wind gusts up to 50 kph whilst carrying 2 – 2.5kg
pay load. Constructed from high quality carbon fibre these propellers are a step above your average carbon fibre propeller. The Cuta Copter EX-1 6S propellers have an aggressive profile providing the high strength and thrust required to lift 3kg baits into the drop zone whilst drone fishing. Each propellers hub is colour coded silver or gold making it easy to match the correct propeller to the motor. Simply unscrew the 4 Hub bolts from the damaged propeller and re assemble to the new propeller.

Note: Scuff marks on the propellers are normal as these are balancing grind marks.


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