G-Reaper Drone Shark Fishing Rod

G-REAPER is a no-nonsense skull drag it to shore drone fishing rod. Constructed from high modulus carbon fibre, this three-piece rod has an overall length of 10’6”. Its multi directional carbon fibre and X weave construction makes it incredibly powerful. It is loaded with heavy-duty high-end Fuji components, aluminium gimbal end and Fuji alconite guide rings and SIC rod tip. Designed primarily for drone fishing, it also makes a fantastic drone shark fishing rod and rock fishing rod. As tough and powerful as this rod is, it casts very well and can handle some big baits and weight.

OANNES drone fishing rods use the best quality and highest grade fittings on the market and are backed by a 1 year limited warranty.

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G-REAPER is one nasty piece of work – A massively powerful rod designed for those adventurous types who like to hunt monsters – G-REAPER will Submit and Conquer that monster. If, however while fishing for a target species you unintentionally hook a monster, G-REAPER provides the strength to get that pest to shore and off your hook post-haste – getting your bait back in the drop zone faster.

G-REAPER is a three-section rod constructed from quality Ultra High Modulus carbon fibre with reinforced carbon power joints. Measuring in at an overall length of 10’6”, it is rated at 50-80lbs and has an XH action with fast taper. G-REAPER features quality Fuji K Series guide frames, providing outstanding strength, corrosion resistance, lightness and outstanding anti-line tangle properties. The quality guide frames are fitted with Fuji alconite guide rings and a Fuji SIC rod tip guide ring, chosen for their excellent heat dissipation and low abrasion properties.

G-REAPER has excellent casting ability for those times the wind picks up and grounds the drone.

G-REAPER features a FUJI Graphite reel seat, aluminum gimbal end with EVA cap, quality non-slip X wrapped EVA grips for comfort and feel and is dressed in Black with silver trim – it simply oozes grimness.

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