OANNES Drone Landing Pad


OANNES Drone Landing pads are the largest foldable landing pads on the market and are perfect for Drone Fishing to keep the sand away from the drone and camera/bait release.

OANNES Drone Master Series landing pads have been built with the drone fisherman in mind and are the largest foldable landing pads on the market, measuring in at a diameter of 130cm. The nearest competitors drone landing pad is 110cm and although this doesn’t sound like much of a difference – it is. These drone landing mats are huge and provides the space you need for your drone fishing adventures and are highly visible for safety. Having an oversized pad provides you with ample workspace and helps to protect your gimbal and camera from sand and dirt when when using drones for fishing.

Made from quality waterproof hard-wearing nylon these highly visible double-sided pads come in black on yellow and yellow on black and feature 4 reinforced peg down tabs. The landing pad folds down to an easy to transport size of 49cm and comes with 4 pegs and a light weight handy carry bag and purposefully built for fishing with drones.

All OANNES Drone Master Series products come with a 1 year limited warranty.

Protects drone and camera and gimbal
Highly Visible – Safety
Largest foldable landing pad on the market
Portable and compact once folded
Carry bag and 4 pegs included
Waterproof quality nylon
Dual sided


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