SkyClip Commander for Cuta Copter EX-1


Following on from the success of the mechanical tension release clips SkyClip has now introduced the Commander Series Hybrid clip. The Commander Series features both electronic bait deployment and the tried and tested ‘MTS’ tension release.

The Commander Series release features Electric activation by pressing the B button on your Cuta-Copters remote Controller, or the ability to release the payload via tension force ‘MTS’. The main benefit of the hybrid click allows the user to deploy the baits with pinpoint accuracy, with the added safety of auto deployment due to reel bind or bird strike.

The COMMANDER for Cuta-Copter EX-1 utilizes the existing metal geared and waterproof servo, it is easy to install and setup.

The focus of SkyClip has and always will be safety, and quality, and all SkyClip’s are made in Europe with strict quality procedures – Your Cuta Copter EX-1 drone has never been so safe.

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